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T-SHIRTS: V-neck T-shirts (Fitted) XL (42inch - 106.68cm), V-neck T-shirts (Fitted) L (40inch - 101.6cm), V-neck T-shirts (Fitted) M (38inch - 96.52cm), V-neck T-shirts (Fitted) S (36inch - 91.44cm). 

Round neck T-shirts (Loose) XL (44inch - 101.76cm), Round neck T-shirts (Loose) L (42inch -106.68cm), Round neck T-shirts (Loose) M (40inch - 101.6cm), Round neck T-shirts (Loose) S (38inch - 91.44cm). 


VESTS: Vests (Fitted) XL (42inch - 106.68cm), Vests (Fitted) L (40inch - 101.6cm), Vests (Fitted) M (38inch - 96.52cm), Vests (Fitted) S (36inch - 91.44cm). 

Vests (Loose) XL (44inch - 101.76cm), Vests (Loose) L (42inch -106.68cm), Vests (Loose) M (40inch - 101.6cm),Vests (Loose) S (38inch - 91.44cm). 


UNDERWEAR: Underwear XL (32inch - 81.28cm), Underwear L (31inch - 78.74cm), Underwear M (30 inch - 76.2cm), Underwear S (29inch - 73.66cm).

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